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In addition, we're here to tackle some of the most Common Issues that might come up with your Audi:

You'll need to replace the Timing Belt, Water Pump and Tensioner at around 60K to 75,000 miles. This is very important on the 1.8t Engines. Failure to Replace the Timing Belt before it breaks is certain to cause "Extensive Engine Damage". Often, it's the Bearings in the Tensioners or Water Pump that fail first, destroying the Belt, and Bending the Valves in the Cylinder Head.

There are common Oil Leaks in the Cam Chain Tensioner Gaskets and Cam Plugs on the Cylinder Heads. The leaks are most noticable because they tend to drip on the Exhaust causing a very distinct and bad smell. These are common to both 4cyls and 6cyl engines.

Front End Suspension Maintenance Repairs are common on Audi, addressing Worn Control Arms that clunk while driving through ripples in our rough city streets here in Seattle and the Puget Sound are routine.


I Recharged or Replaced my Battery, and now my car runs poorly why is that?



My Check Engine Light is on, what does that mean?

Most newer cars have Electronically Controlled Throttles and can lose their synchronization if the battery goes dead. After recharging or replacing the Battery the Throttle Position adaptation requires resetting or the car may run poorly. This service requires an advanced diagnostic tool. At Precision Motorworks we can diagnose and perform the adaptation quickly and efficiently.

Audi Service: Experience Matters
Luxury and Prestige as well as sportiness and styling are some of the traits you expect from an Audi. Because Audi maintains the reputation of developing cars with the highest level of technology, performance and power, you want to make sure you trust your Audi service issues to the experts. At Precision Motorworks in Seattle , WA, our history and success has been built on our knowledge with foreign automobiles and our commitment to Audi Service Excellence.

* Dealer Diagnostics

* OEM Parts

* Factory Trained Techs

* 12 M / 12 K Warranty


Please stop by the Experts at Precision Motorworks for all of your AUDI Car Repair and Servicing Needs.

If the Check Engine Light is on, constant or intermittently, the Computer in your car has stored codes indicating a Malfunction which could lead to Engine Damage. You should have this checked as soon as possible. Reading and Resetting the codes can be done by anyone with a simple scanner but Interpreting and Testing requires Advanced Diagnostic Equipment.  This is why at Precision Motorworks we have invested in dealer level equipment which allows us to properly diagnose and repair the cause of Check Engine Lights.  In addition, our scan tools give us full access to all the other computers in the car including Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Suspension and many others.


Keeping your Audi running smoothly is our Top Priority here at Precision Motorworks, and our Master Trained Techs are here to take care of your maintenance needs like:


* Engine Oil and Filter

* Transmission Fluids and Oils

* Coolant Replacement ( Every 2 Years )

* Spark Plugs

* Ignition Coil Packs

* Spark Plug Wire Sets

* Engine Air Filters

* Cabin and Pollen Filters

* Fuel Filter

* Brake Pads and Rotor Replacement

* Brake Fluid Flush ( Every 2 Years )

* Safety Inspections

* Tire Rotations

* Lube Hinges and Doors

* Special Additives ( Coolant, Trans and Fuel )

* Timing Belts ( If Applicable )

* Serpentine or Drive Belts